With Poland Out, Yet Another World Class Goal Scorer Leaves Too Early

Poland came into this summer's World Cup as the seeded team in Group H. Expectations were that they would find a way to make it into the knockout stage. 

Some observers, myself included, were less optimistic. Their group opponents, Colombia, Senegal, and Japan, were strong enough to challenge the Polish side and even prevent them from making it out of the group. 

Two games in and those naysayers were clearly on to something. Poland has already crashed out after being surprised by Senegal losing 2-1 in their first game and then being thrashed 3-0 by Colombia. 

There were high hopes for Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, the Bayern Munich goal scorer. Even if they failed to finish in the top two of their group, Lewandowski had enough quality and class to make things interesting. After all, he did score 16 goals in the qualifying campaign. 

But those expectations were left unfulfilled, as Lewangolski, the moniker used by FC Bayern fans, failed to find the net in his first two games. At times, it seemed the Poland captain wasn't even on the pitch, barely registering a call or shout from the commentators. You could argue the Polish offense was anemic, but a world class striker is a world class striker. He should find ways to inject himself into the game. See Ronaldo against Spain. 

It's a shame he won't play a bigger role this summer. I was hoping to see him work his magic, even if I didn't think they reach the next round. 

By being eliminated after the second match, he joins Mo Salah as another great goalscorer to exit with a whimper. At least Mo Salah could argue that his impact was muted, because he was left on the bench in the first game. And, after all, he does have a goal to his name, unlike Lewandowski.