Personalities in Liverpool--Ro, our AirBnB host

“David, that walk will take you nearly an hour,” Ro texted back via the AirBnB app.

I, along with my wife and my friend Jeremy, had just arrived at Liverpool’s Lime Street Station. After 2 hours on a train from London (a little longer for my wife and I as we had an early morning train from Cambridge to London), we had decided we’d walk to our AirBnb on Anfield Road.

Initially, I ignored Ro’s message. The distance didn’t look too far and I wanted to see the city by foot. What I didn’t plan for were all the crazy intersections and four to six lanes of traffic we’d have to cross on our way to the Everton/Anfield neighborhood.

But about 20 minutes into the walk, each one of us had the same thought.

‘Let’s uber this.’

I messaged Ro back to tell him we’d reevaluated our strategy and would be coming by car.

We were picked up in an odd light industrial zone just west of Rupert Lane Recreational Garden. If we had brought less luggage, maybe we could have made it. But given we were le tired and new to the city, it was probably wise we changed course and hailed an uber.

Our AirBnB host, Ro, had been communicative from the moment we booked in late March and even after we arrived. Early on, he let us know that our quest for tickets may not be fruitful—especially if we weren’t willing to spend over £500 for each. Spoiler alert: we weren’t. But he also informed us that the pubs will be equally as exciting.

By the time we arrived, Ro had our room ready and gave us some tips on where to catch the game. But first he insisted we take a walk around the ground.

“The atmosphere is amazing right now. It’s buzzing. Fans from all over have surrounded the ground. Kiosks are up selling merchandise and gear. You all should get over there before it’s too late,” Ro told us.

“I know you mentioned a few pubs in your messages, but are there any others,” I asked.

“Well theres the Arkles, which is where I’ll likely be for the game. The Flat Iron down the street. The Sandon, The Park Pub. I’d recommend hopping around to a few and there all over the place. If I see you at the Arkles, then I’ll buy you a pint.”

(We eventually made it to all of those pubs.)

“Thanks, we’re probably going to do that.”

“Before I go, as a gift for coming on the last day of the season, I’d like to offer you these mugs. I don’t usually do this, otherwise I’ll have to buy a new set after every match day. That can get expensive.”

“Oh man, thanks. We really appreciate it.”

Ro left us to explore Anfield. While my wife napped, my friend Jeremy and I walked around the stadium, took pictures, and visited the team store.

We didn’t see Ro again during our trip. But in exchange for him giving us those coffee mugs, I left him two of my Liverpool t-shirts, ones he’s likely not to get over in the UK. The first was my LFC-DC shirt that comes with membership in the Official Liverpool Supporters Club in DC. And the other was a custom shirt I had made by the Anfield Shop—with You’ll Never Walk Alone around an outline of Kentucky.

I think it was an even exchange and to be honest, I was planning on leaving one of those shirts anyway.

Ro’s hospitality and generosity won’t be soon forgotten. He went out of his way to provide us with excellent tips to navigate the area on match day. We would have been lost without his help. Here’s a link to his AirBnB.