Belgium Makes Their Case

If there ever was a favorite dark horse to win this summer's edition of the World Cup, it'd have to be Belgium.

Coming in the tournament, pundits were picking all the usual suspects as to lift the trophy on July 15th--Brazil, Germany, Argentina, France, Spain. Rarely, and almost always as an after thought, a few would mention Belgium. 

But as each of the teams finish their second first round game and we've seen several of the favored sides struggle to impress, Belgium has been the one side that stands clearly above the rest. In both of their games thus far, they've thoroughly dominated their opponents. They left no doubt of their intentions. 

Sure, you'd be right to point out that they're even on points and goal differential with England, yet England's struggle bus performance against Tunisia in their first game left many unanswered questions. Some were answered in England's 6-1 victory over an out-of-their-depth Panama side. John Stones and Harry Kane stepped into the breech and led the team to victory, but how will they respond when faced with a far superior and more complete Belgium. 

Both sides have much to prove, but I give the nod to the Roberto Martinez coached side. They not only have an in form striker in Romelu Lukaku, but they also have two creative midfield players that are forces to be reckoned with--Kevin de Bruyne and Eden Hazard. I'm not certain the Three Lions will be able to cope with, much less contain, all three.

My bet's on a goal fest, with Belgium winning 3-2.